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Efficient management of a vending machines network needs many requirements to be met: timely service and loading procedures, minimum downtime due to technical problems, regular reconsideration and optimization of goods range and thorough finds flows control. Vend-Analytics is a hardware-software complex especially designed to solve the above mentioned problems, providing remote administration of vending machines and efficient business record keeping for vending companies.

Remote administration of vending machines is provided via GSM transceivers installed in them, enabling instant errors detection and real-time sales control. When a machine is running out of snacks or beverage ingredients, the snack block engine is out of order or there is any other emergency, the information instantly appears on the screens in your office. Notifications on errors and their elimination are delivered directly to the service team via email or SMS.

The system allows for remote vending machine rebooting on command from the operator. Air blocks, most kinds of errors caused by erroneous buyer’s choice and accidental software blocks can all be fixed right from an your office.

Reading of sales counters by GSM transceivers upon operator’s visit allows for precise control of money loaded in the machine to use as change and collected form the machine as receipts.

Vend-Analytics allows for easy automated goods purchasing and shelf life management from the moment of their receipt till they are sold via your chain of vending machines.

Trusting your management accounting to Vend-Analytics, you are always aware of how many goods are left in each vending machine, in warehouses and with each operator, you can control cash in cash registers and in the machines, as well as the money given to advance holders, and you can analyze sales and other business indicators.

Vend-Analytics can be easily integrated with external accounting and tax accounting systems.

To learn more about Vend-Analytics and its functionality, ask for access to a demo database.

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